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10 ways to get the cheapest car insurance in Ontario

Though most of the insurance companies in Ontario use somewhat similar factors to determine the premium rates, they calculated these rates differently. Also, it is recommended to get the quotes from multiple insurance companies so that you can get the best insurance rate within your budget. the average cost of car insurance in Ontario will be around $1,500 yearly.

You must also know that maintaining a safe driving record is considered as one of the best ways to get the cheapest car insurance in Ontario. In addition to this, you have plenty of options to save your precious money on your car insurance policy.

Ways for getting cheapest car insurance Ontario

  • Compare quotes for different cars - Are you planning to buy a new car? It is advised to compare the insurance quotes for the cars to check which one will be going to cost you less to insure.
  • Bundle your insurances - If you purchase the home and car insurance from the same company, you can save some amount of money as the reduction in your insurance rates.
  • Install winter tires - You can save 5% on your auto insurance policy if you install winter tires in your car. They are made to face harsh winter conditions and save you and your family on icy roads.
  • Remove unnecessary coverage - If you are using an old car, then paying for collision or comprehensive coverage might be completely a waste of money for you. So, it is better to review your coverage at every renewal and remove unnecessary coverage to lower insurance rates.
  • Pay yearly amount at once - If you choose to pay your car insurance premiums yearly instead of going with a monthly payment plan, you can get a discount when your amount is paid at once.
  • Drive less - Always keep in mind that if you drive less, it means your company can lower your premium rates. So, if you have started to drive less as compared to before, make sure to inform your insurer about it.
  • Defensive driving course - Many insurers provide discounts to drivers who have passed a defensive driving course. Even new drivers who have completed driver training from the authorised driving school can get discounts.
  • Insure multiple vehicles - Do you have more than one vehicle? Insuring them with the same insurer can save 5-15% on your premiums.
  • Group discounts - If you are a member of an organization, union or non-profit organization, you may be entitled to get group discounts.
  • Anti-theft devices - If your car has anti-theft devices or other safety features, they can result in getting a discount and hence, will reduce the premium rates.

Additionally, how can you forget the easiest and most effective way to get the cheapest car insurance quotes Ontario? Alias Insurance compares quotes from the reputed insurance companies in your area and get the best deal for you. Moreover, they also help in finding the right coverage for your vehicle as per the driving needs and financial condition.

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