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Determine If You Can Get The Best Cheap Car Insurance Quotes In Ontario

Drivers that are on the lookout for Ontario auto insurance policy quotes need to be aware that the minimum third party liability coverage for cars here is $200,000. Although it seems to be a large amount, it is always desirable to buy some extra coverage as such a proposition helps in securing complete financial protection for a driver and his family in the event of an accident or a collision that results in human injuries.

Besides, insurers consider several things to calculate premium for auto insurance coverage Ontario. It is important that you have some idea regarding the same as that will help in qualifying for a lower insurance rate. You can consult our local expert for free to explore your possibility of getting an affordable insurance solution for your car(s). To get started with your task, all you need to do is just complete a quick and simple online application form!

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Learn How To Buy Car Insurance Online Ontario For Cheap - Vital Guidelines

  • Shop and compare : Extensive shopping will ensure that you get the best quote at the cheapest price. Therefore, get and compare multiple free quotes.
  • Bundle two policies :If you bundle car and home insurance coverage, you may receive a special discount on premium. This way you can save 5 to 15 percent money.
  • Change vehicle tires :winters in Ontario are harsh and roads icy. To keep you and your family safe while driving, install winter car tires.
  • Decide coverage type :You can get the cheapest auto insurance in Ontario if you first assess how much coverage levels your car actually needs.
  • Pay annual premium :Rather than opt for paying premium monthly, it is advised to pay entire annual premium amount upfront to qualify for discount.
  • Drive less miles yearly :It is possible to obtain an additional discount if you tell insurers that you will be driving fewer miles annually.
  • Enrol for driver training :By passing out a driver’s education course from a government accredited institute, you can get lowest car insurance Ontario rates.
  • Get multi-cars discount :If you have multiple cars in your household, you can get them insured under one policy and get a multi-vehicle discount.
  • Obtain a group discount :Members of some organizations or clubs could be eligible to receive group discounts on auto insurance policies, check your eligibility.
  • Drive a safer vehicle:Cars that have numerous safety features like anti-theft alarm, side airbags, anti-lock braking system, etc. may qualify for extra discount.

4 Main Factors That Affect The Cost Of Online Car Insurance Quote Ontario

If you are in search of an affordable auto insurance Ontario quote then it could be vital for you to have some understanding regarding the factors that affect overall affordability of car coverage in Ontario. There could be 4 main parameters which might hamper your chances of finding cheap auto insurance in Ontario as under:


In case you are a young or new driver then you can expect the insurance rates provided to be higher as compared to experienced drivers. Younger and new drivers have higher probability of meeting with accidents and hence, are more likely to file claims.


The type, makes and model of car that you drive will be another major factor which will influence premium rates.


If your driving slate is clean then you will have much better probability of qualifying for low sustainable auto insurance rates in Ontario.


Your ability to qualify for lower car insurance rates will also depend on where exactly you live. Some areas may have higher crime rates while other neighbourhoods might not. So, if you are staying in a neighbourhood which is prone to theft, vandalism or rioting, premium will be high.

Know Why Premiums For The Best Cheap Car Insurance Ontario Are Higher

The premium rates for even the best auto insurance Ontario change every quarter. Companies are required to apply for change of insurance rates with Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of Ontario every 3 months if they propose to hike premiums. Thus, FSRA approves insurance rate changes on a quarterly basis. On an average, premiums for car insurance have gone up by around 5% to 11% depending on the type and reputation of auto insurance companies.

The consistent hike in premium rates for car insurance quotes Ontario can be attributed to increase in claims year over year. In addition, it has been reported by the FSRA that 3rd party liability coverage and accident benefits account for over 50% of the auto insurance claims. Vehicle repairs and medical treatments for bodily injuries have become highly expensive and so for settling the claims filed, insurers are needed to pay more money these days.

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Get Help For Finding The Best Car Insurance Ontario At Price You Can Afford

For finding the best as well as the cheapest car insurance in Ontario, it could be vital for you to invest some time to do extensive shopping. The multiple quotes comparison task could be a complex process and exhaustive as well. You need to compare car coverage features, limits and premiums charged by several different top rated insurers in your neighbourhood. It is estimated that drivers can save up to $500 on auto insurance premiums by comparing multiple free quotes.

We can assist you in locating the best cheap Ontario car insurance quote online within a span of few minutes online. Take advantage of our cost-free specialist services online for securing an auto insurance solution that specifically fits your unique driving needs and budget. Our team of local experts will be there to guide you in arriving at an informed decision on your car insurance purchase. Get started with your task today. Apply online now!

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