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Getting The Best Car Insurance For College Students Made Easier Online

If you are looking to buy the most affordable auto insurance for college students then you are at the right place. Our team of specialists may help you in locating companies that offer the best as well as the cheapest car insurance policies online within a span of just few minutes. Take advantage of our cost-free online expert assistance for securing a student auto insurance solution that best fits your specific driving needs and budget.

Qualifying for low sustainable student auto insurance rates has always been a challenging task for drivers below the age of 25. This is because young, new and teen drivers are perceived to be highly risky propositions to insure by majority of the companies. As a result, insurers charge substantially high premiums for school or college student drivers. However, with our guidance, you might get enabled to save time, energy and money during your overall effort.

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Here’s All That You Know About How Student Car Insurance Actually Work

Car insurance plans for college students could be very much similar to the ones offered to senior and experienced drivers. Here is some information regarding the car coverage types that drivers across Canada are required to purchase for riving legally.

  • Mandatory coverage : Drivers in all provinces must have basic third party liability cover to stay protected from costs that are likely to be incurred on bodily injuries and property damages which result due to an accident involving insured car.
  • Accident benefits : Such coverage type pays expenses for medical treatments and rehabilitation of driver in the aftermath of an accident. The costs reimbursed may also include loss of income to driver as well as funeral expense if driver dies.
  • Collision coverage : Covers costs for repair of insured car if it gets damaged during an accident, collision or gets hit by a falling object.
  • Comprehensive cover : Coverage grants financial protection to driver against events like car theft and damages caused to the insured vehicle by falling objects, fire, vandalism or even damaging winds.
  • Uninsured motorists : Special coverage that covers uninsured motorists that are involved in an accident with insured vehicle. It may be important if there is a hit and run case.

The 4 Major Types Of Student Car Insurance Plans That Teen Drivers Can Buy

As per law prevailing in the country, student drivers are required to purchase certain basic liability coverage for driving cars legally on road. Accordingly, you may be needed to ensure that the following 4 major types of mandatory requirements are part of your car coverage or else pay hefty penalties.


Provides financial protection when you are cause of an accident which results in personal injuries or death, bodily injuries to other persons or their death and property damages as well.


Pays compensation for injuries caused to or death of driver or any other person during an accident involving the insured vehicle. Damages covered may include medical bills payment, compensation for physical disability due to accident, death benefit as also well as funeral expenses that are the result of an accident or collision involving the insured car.


This type of car coverage pays damages caused to an uninsured motorist or biker who may get injured or die when the insured car meets with an accident.


It pays damages when insured car meets with an accident involving several cars. But insurer will check whether driver was at fault or only partially at-fault during the accident for settling such kind of claim.

Check Eligibility To Get Most Affordable Car Insurance For College Students

Even if the best auto insurance for college students comes at a price, it could be possible to save money on premium by way of qualifying for discounts as under:

  • Make sure that you have a full driver’s license - Insurers prefer drivers that have full G or unrestricted driver’s license in states like Ontario. Besides, if you have accident and ticket free driving record, you can save up to 10% money on your auto insurance premium. Thus, having full G license conveys to insurance providers that you are a very good or responsible driver.
  • Successfully passing out a driver’s training program - Cheap auto insurance for students could be easier to get if you enrol for a driver’s training program with some government accredited institute. If you pass out successfully then majority of the insurers will treat you as a safe and responsible driver thereby extending an auto insurance good student discount.
  • Premium discounts for being high school/college students - For some student auto insurance providers in Canada, being a high school or college student is enough for extending premium discounts. You only need to provide them proof of enrolment in an educational institution for securing these premium discounts.
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    Get Specialist Help Online For Buying The Best Car Insurance For Students

    If you intend to go about the task of finding good car insurance for students physically then you may find the process complicated as well as strenuous. In addition, it may also consume a lot of time and energy while researching your options. That is precisely the reason why you need to take advantage of fast internet processes where even specialist help is easily accessible to make the task stress-free.

    We can assist you in making the shopping task easy as well as enable you to make an informed decision on your student auto insurance purchase. To get started apply now!

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