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A temporary vehicle insurance policy is a car coverage which grants financial protection to drivers for a short period of time ranging from 1 day to one month. This type of an auto insurance covers may be advantageous for buyers as they can be much cheaper than quarterly, biannual or annual car insurance policies. Nevertheless, the premium rates provided could be much higher as compared to those charged for auto insurance policies with longer durations.

We can help you in finding top rated companies that offer temporary auto insurance plans with low sustainable premium. Take advantage of our cost-free specialist online services for securing car insurance solutions which best fit your specific driving needs and budget. To get started with the task of getting receiving the best cheap free short term auto insurance quotes, all you need to do is just complete a fast, simple and easy online application form!

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Learn How To Purchase Short Term/Temporary Car Insurance Cover Online

It could be much easier to find low cost auto insurance quotes if you follow a systematic approach as under:

  • First prepare a list of top rated companies that provide affordable short term car insurance covers in your nearby vicinity.
  • Decide the extent of liability coverage you will need for insuring your vehicle adequately and thus, protecting your finances completely.
  • Determine whether you will require purchasing expensive comprehensive and collision coverage features. If your car is old, you may not.
  • To keep temporary car insurance cost within your means, it is vital for you to shop and compare multiple quotes.

Now are you still wondering, “Can you get temporary car insurance at a premium you can afford with ease?” Well, you may find our expert consultation useful. Shopping and comparing multiple free quotes is never an easy task especially if you have never done it on your own before. With a specialist’s assistance, you may find the process cosier and hassle-free. Besides, with an expert’s knowledge and experience, you might even get enabled to make an informed decision on your short term auto insurance purchase. Act today for saving lot of time, energy as well as money. Apply online now!

Determine Whether You Need To Buy Cheap Temporary Car Insurance Cover

There could be varied reasons for which might prompt you to buy temporary car insurance policy as are mentioned below:


You own a vehicle but drive it for specified time span during the entire year. This may include occasional road trips, shifting household belongings or driving a classic/vintage car for exhibition purpose. When such vehicle(s) is not in use, you might not insure it for most part of the year.


Buying a temporary auto insurance cover may also be a desirable option if you don’t drive your car very often. For example, if you are expecting your teenaged son/daughter from college for a vacation and your vehicle is going to be driven. You can purchase a short term car cover.


You have just purchased a new vehicle and need temporary coverage until you finalize an annual policy. In the meanwhile your car needs to be financially protected and the gap could be effectively filled by purchasing cheap temporary vehicle coverage. Such a proposition can give you real peace of mind.


Having temporary car cover may prove to be useful at the time of selling your vehicle if its current coverage is nearing its end and you don’t intend to renew it.

Explore Your Reasons For Buying Temporary Car Insurance Policy Online Now

  • Tourists that are planning to visit Canada for a month or more may want to borrow and drive cars from their relatives or friends instead of getting them on rent. The proposition could be highly economical as compared to leasing a vehicle. As long as you stay, you can drive borrowed vehicle with a low cost short term or temporary auto insurance coverage policy and make sure that you are adequately covered as is required by law prevailing in Canada.
  • If there is a change in ownership of a car then it has to be ensured that the vehicle is temporarily covered with active coverage. A short term insurance cover can fill up the gap while the ownership of car is being transferred. Active temporary auto insurance can allow new owner to drive vehicle legally until transfer of car title.
  • Buying temporary car insurance cover can also be a good idea if you are planning to get a vehicle on rent. Rental car companies have fleet policies and these may not provide coverage to drivers who are not listed on the policies. Short term car cover can offer complete financial protection in such cases and hence, peace of mind too.
  • Another situation which might warrant you to purchase temporary car insurance policy is when you are thinking of purchasing a new car. You may be required to take test drives for several vehicle models and without insurance you certainly cannot do that. There is always a likelihood of your meeting with an accident while taking a test drive on road.
  • You own a classic or vintage car that you don’t drive very often but only during some exhibition or rally of proud classic car owners. In such a situation, it is desirable to have short term or temporary car coverage.
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Should You Buy Temporary Car Insurance When You Are Renting A Vehicle?

If your personal auto insurance policy covers rental cars then you might not be needed to buy short term coverage separately. In addition, some credit card companies may also offer coverage for rental vehicles to customers. Because of these reasons, many a times, drivers don’t prefer availing car insurance available at rental counters. However, if you don’t have personal auto insurance cover or are not covered by insurance through credit cards then you must think of buying temporary car insurance.

Rental companies have fleet insurance policies but these may not cover drivers who get cars on rent and drive them. And that can expose driver of rented car to huge financial risks when on road. Here is where temporary auto insurance coverage proves to be immensely useful as it grants drivers total peace of mind. The probability of rental cars meeting with accidents or getting involved in collisions is real.

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